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PBN Sport & Adventure is a professional outdoor sports organization specialized in sport and adventure activities. Run by instructors with a degree in physical education PBN organizes fun, sportive and well structured high quality active events.
Excellent accommodations, special locations, Tüv approved material, professionally trained personnel and more then 20 years of experience assure success.
Our programs take every contender into consideration, whether young, old, exceptionally sportive or exceedingly non-active. We guarantee a sportive, enjoyable and well organized experience that will not easily be forgotten.

Our Sports & Adventure team is equipped with 14 full-time employees and 15 part-time employees. Furthermore we have approximately 150 PBN qualified instructors who carry out the events held by PBN.  

Ardennes Adventures
Just a two and a half hour drive from the centre of our country will change the scenery from busy cities and crowded roads into slope landscapes and beautiful green surroundings. The extensive woods with its maze of little trails, the steep cliffs and the curving Ourthe river all create the perfect scenery for an adventurous experience in the Ardennes.

Enjoy our special activities during the day on rock faces and rivers in caves and woodlands in an undemanding ambience accompanied by our skilled instructors.
In the evening a luscious barbecue awaits along with drinks, a campfire and music in the background. It is here where the experiences of the day evolve in courageous triumphs and glorious heroisms.
For the fanatics PBN might just have some adventurous surprises up its sleeve.

Our comfortable locations captured by nature, our professional equipment, participating in boundary shifting activities and the punctual organisation all guarantee a memorable experience for one and all.
Elements that portrait our programs are: quality, team spirit, adventure, relaxed attitude, punctual organisation and cosiness. Possible activities are: Rock-climbing, abseiling, canoeing, rafting, caving, archery, mountain biking, teamwork activities, quad riding, jeep riding, orientation hikes et cetera.

Nova Zembla & Teamtower
PBN Sport & Adventure is the owner of a characteristic pavilion that goes by the name of Nova Zembla.
This unique pavilion is situated in the national reserve “De Kennemerduinen, right next to the ripley water of lake “Kennemermeer”. It is from here where we organize diverse games and activities, like canoeing, archery, disc golf, beach games, blowkarting, GPS walk. However it is also possible to just relax, take pleasure of the beautiful surrounding or enjoy the delicious barbecue. The no-nonsense concept of the pavilion has proven its success abundantly ever since it opened its doors in May 2005.
It is possible to book this location exclusively and together with the casual, relaxed and sportive atmosphere this will contribute to a memorable experience.

Nova Zembla is accompanied by a enormous Teamtower located on the beach right alongside the pavilion. With its 22 meters in length this giant can not be missed. By American design this impressive climb tower was brought to the Netherlands by PBN Sport & Adventure via Sweden. Its size and ingenious construction makes this Teamtower an adventurously challenge. There are more than 12 different ways of climbing and crouching through the tower to reach the top, whether it is by individual qualities or due to teamwork.
Don’t let it hold you down!

SeaFort-Island Adventure
The SeaFort-Island of IJmuiden is located at the very beginning of the North Sea Canal. This unique Fortress is part of the so called “Stelling van Amsterdam” that consists of 42 Forts built around 1885 and served as defense-mechanism of our capital Amsterdam. The Fort of IJmuiden is the biggest and most impressive of “De Stelling”. The isolation, the little beach, dunes and the underground tunnel system makes this amazing SeaFort one of its kind, at only a 30 minute drive away from Amsterdam.
Within the unlimited possibilities of this unique location we organize a Fort discovery among other activities.

The Fort discovery is a adventurous and historical journey through the underground labyrinth of tunnels, bunkers and quarters. Together with a detailed map and oil lamp the search for numerous team assignments and hidden challenges will start within the Fortress. Whether there is rain or sunshine, the weather will not influence the program since it is mainly within the authentic walls of the SeaFort. The transfer will be by boat.
We are more then glad to give a tour of the Island and discuss the possibilities that will lead to an exciting and fantastic event. Be inspired by the magic of the SeaFort-Island.

Company Outings
PBN has developed and executed many original company outing concepts During its 20 years of existence.
Apart from organizing regular sport events PBN specializes in creating adventurous and challenging activities, aiming to actively involve all the participants. At the same time we try to keep our programs accessible for each individual, whether it’s young, old, very sportive or practically non-active. The objective is to provide a successful, active day or days and contribute to a unforgettable experience. The most thriving concepts evolved into the PBN standard programs and facet: punctual organization, 1st class safety material, enthusiastic and competent instructors, unique locations, great ambiance and excellent catering possibilities.


  • Adventure weekend Ardennes: a weekend filled with adventurous activities in the Ardennes
  • SeaFort-Island Adventure: unforgettable adventure on a historical island
  • Blowkarting: beach sailing along the coast in IJmuiden
  • Soapbox race: designing, building and racing a personalized soap box
  • Take One: a audio visual experience
  • Big Stuff: be in control of a real crane and enjoy the incredible power of the derrick
  • Survival at Sea: team exercises at sea, on board of fast RIBS and in the water
  • Rallydriving: experience what it’s like to control a 280 pk car
  • Ice Hockey: a real ice hockey clinic followed by a real competition on the ice


PBN organizes complete wintersport holidays in Grünau im Almtal (Austria) in a time period of 14 weeks on a yearly basis since 1984. We facilitate several accommodations in contingent and, if desired, we can provide the lift passes, rental of gear and equipment and offer ski- and snowboard lessons. When PBN takes care or your wintersport holiday you do not have to worry about deposits, identifications or necessary photographs during the holiday. Tour guides are present to hand out lift passes, to assist with the rental of materials and lessons provided and to arrange an evening program when desired.



Share our enthusiasm and feel free to drop in at our office in Amsterdam any time or please give us a call for more information. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have concerning our product.
Live is an adventure, PBN Sport & Adventure!

PBN Mokerstraat 28-30, 1021 KC Amsterdam,
T 020 - 6263600, F 020-623617